Al Valenciano for Balay ni Atong


Artist Al Valenciano grew up in Laoag City, north of Manila. With the flooding of the local market with factory processed imported textiles, Al decided to establish Balay ni Atong (House of Atong), a study center for traditional textiles from the northern region of Philippines. Remarkable for their rich coloring and bold designs, hand-woven textiles are an important part of the long, varied cultural heritage of the northern region. Al’s Balay ni Atong showcases hand-woven textiles produced on traditional wooden looms by local artisans using weaving techniques passed on through generations. Remaining true to the original motifs, the fabrics are modernized to suit the tastes of a modern market. Al hopes that the center will help achieve sustainability between scholars and weavers by reintroducing the meticulous craftsmanship and quality produced by local artisans.