Ayaka Nishi


Inspired by the simple beauty found in the shapes and forms of the natural world, Ayaka endeavors to create jewelry of unparalleled beauty and exquisite craftsmanship. A unique feature of her works is that they serve as compliments to the wearer’s wardrobe while at the same time standing alone as singular works of art. Having grown up on the Japanese archipelago, Ms. Nishi’s work is rooted in the rich flora and fauna with which she interacted in her youth. Born and raised in Kagoshima, a medium-size metropolis in a mostly rural prefecture on Kyushuu island, she was influenced not only by the sophistication of city life but also by the bucolic countryside and pristine wilderness beyond. Thus, as a child she might spend one day admiring the fashionable denizens that paraded downtown, and another catching insects, discovering fossils, and gazing at the stars….Ayaka’s one-of-a-kind style is very much a product of the environments she has inhabited.