Maricris Floirendo-Brias3

Maricris Brias


Harmoniously bringing together the past and the present by translating raw local materials into distinctive decorative pieces is something that comes naturally to Maricris.  In 1989 she founded a training center to create a sustainable livelihood and sense of pride for the wives of local plantation workers. An important part of its mission is to revive the native artistry and preserve the customs of Mindanao’s ethnic tribes. Maricris and her local artisans design and manufacture home and decorative objects made of  local abaca (t’nalak) and banana fiber, woven exclusively by the T’boli and Mandaya natives. “It’s all about preserving the culture which is preserving their way of life,” says the socially conscious designer.  “Our culture really stems from the indigenous people, that’s where we find what is really Filipino, through their arts and crafts.”