Vivienne Tam Designer Profile

Vivienne Tam


Vivienne Tam is recognized for creating beautiful clothes that appeal to all ages and ethnicities. She has earned the reputation for offering a stylish, high-quality product while at the same time inviting the consumer to experience the inspiration behind it. With a longstanding dedication to innovation and exotic imagery, Vivienne Tam is truly one of the world’s most passionate and symbolic designers in fashion today. Born in Canton, China, she moved to Hong Kong when she was three years old. Her bi-cultural upbringing in the then British colony was the first stage in the development of her signature East-meets-West style. Vivienne draws inspiration from her Chinese heritage to create distinctive clothing that blends the best of both cultures. “When you look at my forms, they’re Western, but the embroidery and trims are traditional, based in history,” she says. Vivienne herself  is linked to both worlds, not entirely immersed in the Western mind-set.