Asia Briefing: The Iran Protests

March 7, 2018

Breakfast available from 8:00 AM
Discussion begins at 8:30 AM

Iranians recently took to the streets to protest economic conditions in Mashhad, Iran’s second largest city and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s city of birth. The rare protests would eventually spread to several cities across Iran, and grievances would also be directed at the political establishment, as well as the country’s involvement in Syria and elsewhere in the region. Yet, unlike the mass protests following the 2009 elections, the urban middle class in Tehran by and large stayed home, and the country’s political system appears to be safely intact for the time being. What was different this time? How deeply felt are the concerns? What is the appropriate response from the U.S.? Should the U.S. comment at all? Lastly, what will the impact of the protests be on Iran’s foreign policy and the region?  Join us for a discussion with Trita Parsi on Iran at this crucial juncture. >more information on event

Losing an Enemy
by Trita Parsi
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Scholars Rocks from the Collection of Kemin Hu

March 15, 2018

- through Saturday, March 24
11:00am – 6pm; Fri till 9pm

AsiaStore presents a newly acquired collection from Kemin Hu. Experience the power of scholars’ rocks or “spirit stones”-cherished by the Chinese for generations. Autographed copies of Ms. Hu’s books, available for purchase and signing. Shop Now


Asian Art Collector’s Book Review

March 15, 2018

 – Saturday March 24
11am-6pm, Friday until 9pm

AsiaStore presents a vetted selection of the most recent and pertinent titles for Asian Art Collectors. Get critical insight into the world of Asian collectibles and find books on ceramics, sculpture, textiles, painting, furniture and more.


Chinese Scholars Rocks with Kemin Hu

March 16, 2018

Appearance by Kemin Hu 
12pm – 4pm; discussion 2:00pm

AsiaStore presents newly acquired scholars’ rocks —cherished by the Chinese since the Tang Dynasty, and sought after for generations—from the collection of Kemin Hu.

Ms. Hu will be on hand to discuss the history, Identification, appreciation and collecting of these cherished “spirit stones”.  Copies of Hu’s books will also be available for signing. Shop Now


Why Buddhism is True

April 17, 2018

6:30pm – 8:00pm

Are human beings hard-wired to be perpetually dissatisfied? It’s a provocative question – and one that was put recently to the author Robert Wright, who teaches about the place where religion meets evolutionary biology and religion. Wright’s answer? In a word, Yes. He says that because evolution rewards the pursuit of pleasure, human beings are almost hard-wired to be unsatisfied: “We are condemned,” he says, “to always want things to be a little different, always want a little more.” Wright’s latest best-selling book, Why Buddhism is True, suggests that Buddhist practices can, in effect, rewire the brain, to overcome a host of anxieties and emotional pain that afflict so many people. “I think of mindfulness meditation as almost a rebellion against natural selection,” says Wright. “And Buddhism says, ‘We don’t have to play this game.'” >>More information on program
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