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Han Feng was, from the start, about elegant, simple, stylish designs for her customers. She began her career with a collection, of now signature, pleated scarves. She is now focused on translating her recent successes into building a brand promises staying power because it clearly recognizes that women live increasingly complicated and demanding lives that require simple solutions. Wardrobe staples that offer easy wear and easy care, versatility, and special details with a twist. “Grab and go” outerwear and accessories that ensure women feel special for any occasion in five minutes or less - sumptuous, flattering, practical solutions for active women of all ages and body types who wish to be comfortable, chic, elegant - and quick.

Born in Nanjing, China in the sixties, Han Feng was raised in Hangzhou, China’s artistic center, and graduated there from the China Academy of Fine Arts. From childhood, Feng developed a keen appreciation for the things “she could feel but not easily see”: the color, fluidity of design, craftsmanship, symbolism, and fabrics of her heritage. Seeking a larger stage for her interests, in 1985 she moved to New York. Creativity and talent, coupled with a passion for practicality and fun, took her from there.

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