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Click to enlarge<!--nosearch-->May 22nd:<br>James Fallows - China Airborne
6:30pm - 8:30pm

China’s aerospace industry is growing by leaps and bounds backed by an ambitious government commitment to spend a quarter of a trillion dollars over the next Five Year Plan in order to become the leading producer and user of commercial planes. China Airborne:The Dream of Aviation in Emerging China is journalist James Fallows account of his travels around China, not only by scheduled but also exceptionally, private planes, meeting the entrepreneurs, engineers, workers, dreamers and hucksters for whom the sky’s the limit for China’s latest commercial venture. Followed by a book sale and signing.

James Fallows is a national correspondent at the Atlantic Monthly, though he also contributes to Slate, The New York Review of Books and The New Yorker. Fallows has been a frequent contributor of commentaries to NPR –and since 20009 a regular news analyst for Weekend Editions of All Things Considered. He has a long-standing interest in technology, aviation, and China.
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