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Author: Kamdar,M
Publisher: S&S, 2/08
Format: Pbk, 335pp
Region: South Asia
Country: India
India is everywhere: in the news, in movie theatres, at the office, and on Capitol Hill. Through incisive reportage and illuminating analysis, Mira Kamdar tells the dramatic story of India’s bid to transform itself from a developing country into a global powerhouse. She introduces us to America’s new strategic vision for India, reporting on the people, the companies, the policies and the challenges that will profoundly affect our future.

With 600 million people under the age of twenty-five, a middle class as big as the population of the United States, and economic growth pushing double digits, India is potentially the world’s hottest market and biggest labor force. But while India’s recent boom has made thirty-six Indians billionaires, 800 million Indians still struggle to survive on less than two dollars per day. A vibrant democracy where the poor are more likely to vote than the rich, India is racing against time to invent an environmentally sustainable and socially equitable model adapted to the twenty-first century. India is a world in microcosm. Water, energy, extreme inequality, education, health care, globalization, terrorism, global warming—India’s problems are universal. If India solves them, it will not only save itself, it may save us all. If it fails, we will all suffer. As goes India, so goes the world.

Provocative, timely, and essential, Planet India, is the groundbreaking book that tells us just how high the stakes are—what there is to lose and what there is to gain from India’s meteoric rise. (S&S)

Mira Kamdar is an Associate Fellow of the Asia Society since 2006.