2018 Wall Calendar Serenity Kazuyuki Ohtsu

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In the perfectly balanced compositions of Kazuyuki Ohtsu (Japanese, b. 1935) we find tranquil scenes of natural beauty, where fallen snow quiets the land and autumn leaves erupt in a riot of color. Born into a family of silk weavers, Ohtsu began the study of printmaking when he was nineteen. He apprenticed with celebrated artist Kiyoshi Saito for forty years. With the passing of Saito, Ohtsu set out on his own career. Like his teacher, he paints the original pictures that serve as blueprints for the hand-carved blocks, then inks the blocks and prints the images. Ohtsu’s artworks forsake an earlier period’s use of strong outlines, instead relying on elemental colors and gentle shapes to depict a harmonious, idealized view of the Japanese countryside. More than fifty of Ohtsu’s prints can be found in Kazuyuki Ohtsu (Pomegranate).Size: 12 x 13 in.

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