Scholars’ Rocks in Ancient China

by Kemin Hu



Interest in scholars’ stones, collected by Chinese literati and artists since the Tang dynasty, has exploded in the West over the last several years, with over a dozen major exhibits mounted in museums around the world. Yet there exists only a handful of titles in English on the subject, and important texts such as the Suyuan Stone Catalogue, China’s most comprehensive illustrated book on the subject, have never been translated. Scholars’ Rocks in Ancient China, with its illuminating anecdotes and well-rendered wood-block illustrations, is an invaluable reference book for the study of ancient Chinese scholars’ stones. With its 188 illustrations, informative notes, character list, and bibliography, it is destined to greatly enrich the literature on stone collecting. (Shambhala Pub. Inc., Nov ’02, HC, 176pp)


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About the Designer


Kemin Hu

Chinese American 

Kemin Hu, one of the foremost experts on scholar rocks, or “spirit stones,” inherited her passion for stones from her father, a noted connoisseur of Chinese antiquities. She has become a recognized authority on scholars’ rocks through her long career as a dealer, collector and author, educating the world on these collectibles.  Cherished by the Chinese for generations as a focus for meditation on metaphysical principles and the arts, these stones are treasured for their natural art, and the impressions that they inspire.

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