Bracelet Leather Black Silver (sm)

by Carolyn Kan for Carrie K.



This Nut & Bolt bracelet is great for anyone who loves dressing up with a little ” edge”; makes a perfect gift for the guy (or girl) whose style never skips a beat.

Size: small: 15cm (5.9 in)
Please note that the nut and bolt is 4cm (1.6 in) and all sizes have a width of 10cm (3.9 in)

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About the Designer


Carolyn Kan for Carrie K.

“The Reborn collection spotlights unsung heroes of mundane yet essential everyday objects. It hopes to remind us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary and not to take it for granted, such as our multiculturalism which is the foundation of our harmonious society.”

In 2009, Carolyn Kan took a year off the corporate race to travel, and had an epiphany in Florence whilst learning to silversmith. That was the moment Carrie K. Artisan jewelry was born. Telling stories through playfully provocative artisan-crafted jewelry, Carrie K.’s collections feature designs that challenge traditional notions of what makes something precious and desired, celebrating the beauty of imperfection, and marveling at the mundane in everyday life.

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