Earring Tahitian Pearl Black Diamond 14k

by Hisano Shepherd



Tahitian Pearl, Black Diamond


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About the Designer


Hisano Shepherd


Little h designer Hisano Shepherd specializes in creating intimate, delicate jewelry through innovative pearl designs. With an appreciation for the delicacy required to work with petite pearls and the organic shapes of baroque pearls, the designer is well aware of the challenges behind pearl-based creations. Her most recent collections, use pearls and gemstones in a way never before seen. Each one-of-a-kind piece uses the most luxurious and sought after pearls in the world, sliced down their access, bored and polished to a smooth concave filled with carats of colorful gemstones. The effect is a stunning interpretation of a natural geode. “The techniques used to create these collections require such precision and are groundbreaking when applied to a pearl, creating a new dialogue in modern jewelry,” says Shepherd.


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