Necklace Bamboo Donut Jade Gold

by Yilin Choo for Choo Yilin



Keep it neat and stunning with our Bamboo Jade Donut Necklace. The bamboo details are woven over a (type A) jadeite donut and ornamented with faceted cut gemstones embellished leaves. Constructed in Sterling 925 Silver and plated with 18kt  Yellow Gold, Rhodolite Garnet , Pink Tourmaline.

Jade Donut Size
Medium: 2.0 cm to 2.5 cm



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About the Designer


Yilin Choo for Choo Yilin


“We are storytellers for Southeast Asian heritage and conservation; each Choo Yilin piece is a visual idiom of our personal story and communities.”

Yilin Choo is an award-winning jewelry designer and storyteller focused on heritage, conservation, and love. A purveyor of modern jade jewelry, Yilin Choo works primarily with handpicked Type A jadeite and vibrant-colored semi-precious gemstones, woven with intricate metalwork detailing, to bring its designs to life.

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