Plate Set Singapore Icons

by Edwin Low for Supermama



The Housing Development Board (HDB) flats were aptly chosen by Chang Shian Wei as a Singapore Icons The motifs depict three different exterior views: the common corridors, a facade of kitchen windows and a close-up of a room at night. Potted plants, which is a common sight in our living spaces, are added in each piece to give a sense of life. This inaugural collection of Singapore Icons by Supermama was honoured to be accorded the Presidents Design Award, Singapore.

Set consists of :  5.9 in Porcelain Small Plate , 4.13 in Porcelain Sauce Dish,  1.77 in Porcelain Chopstick Rest

Designed by Chang Shian Wei in Singapore
Made in Arita, Japan

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About the Designer


Edwin Low for Supermama


“An icon speaks of a particular time and place, people and their culture. My work around ‘icons’ of Singapore aims to document our stories and, in the process, define our identity.”

Designer, educator, and entrepreneur Edwin Low is the creative mind behind Supermama, a gallery based in Singapore. At Supermama, they collect, create, and curate objects, hoping to engage consumers and provide a space that allows everyone to slow down. Using culture as a context for design, Supermama explores the fine line between cultural artefacts and everyday objects, and the concept of basic luxury – that everyone can own a piece of heritage.

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