Scarf Samsui Ladies

by Santhi & Sari Tunas for Binary Style



The Samsui women represent an early period of Singapore’s development when all was new and fresh, and opportunity abounded. Their hard work during some 50 years from the 1930s to 80s, constructing the new nation with bravery, resilience and determination, coloured the city with progress. Pictured here wearing their blue outfits and iconic red head covers – which also served to store their money and cigarettes – the ladies are immortalized in this unique design.

37.4 inches, Chiffon Polyester, Machine hemmed

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About the Designer


Santhi & Sari Tunas for Binary Style


“We aim to capture the richness of the known and lesser known stories from Singapore’s diverse locales; connecting with people through our designs.”

The brains behind the brand are the bespectacled twin sisters, Santhi and Sari Tunas, both trained architects. Binary Style’s successful Singapore Stories collection is a tribute to Singapore. The Indonesian native, Singapore-based twins have gained intimate knowledge of their current home. Using scarves as a medium to narrate everything Singaporean from early to recent developments, from multiculturalism to natural diversity, the twins capture the known and the lesser-known stories from various locales.

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