Snow (Piano collection)



Asian piano music often has a classical elegance to it. Elements of simplicity and controlled emotion are effectively used to create harmonic beauty and a strong sense of mood without the syrupy quality many romantic pianists are plagued with. SNOW, from Pacific Moon, features the piano music of Masaji Watanabe, Rikiya Yamashita, Naoyuki Onda and Missa Jounouchi in a collection of wintry themed pieces. Much like two snowflakes, each piece is structurally different but similar in their subtle, graceful qualities. Stronger selections include “Snow Forest” and “In the Silence of the Night,” each as peaceful as a gentle snowfall on a cold winter night. Track List: Winter Song, Yuki, Snow Forest, Kangetsu, White Garden, Shigure, Fuyugeshiki, Gentle Whisper, Sekka, Hatsuyuki, Snow Crystal, Asian Wind, In the Silence of the Night.

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