Tiger 2017 Fortune & Feng Shui

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The TIGER in 2017 is low-key and smart thinking. The secret to success is to activate the Big Auspicious Star within your orbit. You must use your intrinsic creativity and brain power, effectively applying the antidote that strengthens your weak life force and inner essence. The outlook is exciting when you see how you benefit from Rooster Year’s promising scenarios of change and rejuvenation. Lean on your allies, set high goals, get your adrenalin flowing. Something big is coming. See when and how to manifest this from inside this book. Let your WOOD spirit spurt into growth!

Your creativity and brain power peaks in May this year. Ensure your ANTI-ROBBERY CURES are in place so you make the most of the powerful ripening of the Big Auspicious. Wear life force strengthening amulets and display the powerful 8 TREES WITH 6 BIRDS in your living room and shine a light on it to ensure these radiate their powerful invisible energies all round. The Tiger’s luck can really max up at year’s end. Lillian Too (Noon Books, 2016)

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