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Stirring It Up: How to Make Money and Save the World <!--nosearch-->

Price: $24.95
Member Price: $22.45
Author: Hirshberg,G
Publisher: Hyperion Pr, 1/08
Format: HC, 256pp
Region: General Asia
From the beginning, Stonyfield Farm stirred it up, turning conventional business practices on their head, and grew to become the world's largest organic-yogurt producer. What Gary Hirshberg saw early on was that organic isnt just about food. It's a way of thinking that embraces cyclical, non-linear resource use where waste from one action becomes food for another. The company has enjoyed a compounded annual growth rate of more than 26 percent for 13 straight years, while the yogurt category as a whole has grown at a much slower pace of 6-8 percent. In this book, Hirshberg shares the secrets that helped his company skyrocket to success, and argues that traditional business practices are ultimately counterproductive and have helped create many of the problems that threaten to make the world uninhabitable. Hirshberg will explain how Stonyfield's counterintuitive way of doing business demonstrates that companies can be environmentally conscious, and will prove that in doing so, they can make bigger profits than their more conventional counterparts. This book will appeal both to consumers who want quality and a better world, and companies who want steady profits and growth. Other companies business practices cited in book include: Timberland, ZipCar, Adobe Systems, Patagonia, Whole Foods, ClifBar, Newman's Own, Honest Tea, Frog's Leap Wine; Interface (carpet co. in Atlanta, Ga.) Terracycle, Inc (plant fertilizer) Annie's, Inc (organic mac & cheese and other foods)and Organic Valley.