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Toughing it Out in Afghanistan<!--nosearch-->

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Author: O'Hanlon,Michael
Publisher: Brookings Institution Pr, Jan 2010
Format: Pbk, 164pp
Region: Central Asia
Country: Afghanistan
Is Afghanistan another Vietnam, a quagmire that the United States should escape as soon as possible? Or is it a crucial war than can and must be won? The daily news is sobering, with its continued attacks on NATO troops and a resurgent Taliban. In Toughing It Out in Afghanistan, however, Michael O'Hanlon and Hassina Sherjan show that all is not lost far from it.The authors acknowledge current difficulties in Afghanistan but also explicate how the war-torn country can emerge as a stable sovereign nation, free from the yoke of the Taliban and al Qaeda. Toughing It Out in Afghanistanis designed to help the reader understand more about the Afghan nation and to inform international debate on how to approach the conflict there in 2010 and 2011.The stakes are very high, and O'Hanlon and Sherjan are not Pollyannas. They acknowledge that the war could still be lost. But they consider the prospects for establishing a reasonably stable and functional Afghan state to be much better than is commonly perceived.Drawing on personal experience, eyewitness accounts, and the Brookings Institution's Afghanistan Index, O'Hanlon and Sherjan present the current lay of the land.(BIP)