Al Valenciano for Balay ni Atong

Balay-ni-AtongA20150813_092518_resized craft, a business and a social enterprise, artist Al Valenciano has intertwined these endeavors in his “inabel” projects enabling 65 men and women support their families from weaving the textiles that have been produced in the Ilocos region since the 16th century.  ‘Biag ni Lam-ang’ has many references to inabel. It was traded as clothes, blanket and sails for boats… An accomplished lady then was someone who wove inabel. The inabel is part of life of the Ilocanos,” says Al.

The artisans weave the textiles right in their homes, using old wooden looms, with production limited to only 200 pieces each year. Fine textiles with beautiful designs in lively organic dye colors…check out a few of our selections.