AsiaStore in the Financial Times

AsiaStore is delighted to be featured in The Financial Times! Here’s what they had to say:

“Indeed, the Met’s only competition seems to be the Asia Society and Museum down the road on Park Avenue. It specialises in a dazzling array of Asian and Asian-American designer jewellery, mostly made in India and Thailand. Prices can go as high as $16,500 for a necklace from the Lotus de Vivre Om Mane Padme Hum collection.”

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AsiaStore prides itself on representing the innovative and creative works of Asian and Asian American design talent and jewelry is no exception ! Kai-Yin Lo; Lotus de Vivre; Wynn Wynn Ong; Alice Kuo; Coomi Bhasin; Rita Chung; Rose and Lloyd; Zina Kao; Zayd Marakim; Hannah Ha; Mousumi Shaw; Rosena Sammi; Kristina Kada and Yu Yin & Shao Ming Li are among AsiaStore’s spotlighted jewelry designers. AsiaStore has a wide range of jewelry to fit any taste and price range. Stop by AsiaStore to find your special piece today!