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An Interview with Thich Nat Hanh

World renowned Vietnamese-born Buddhist teacher, scholar, and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh was interviewed by TIME religion correspondent David Van Biema in this video produced by Asia Society and Museum. In it, he talks about Burma, Iraq and “engaged Buddhism.” Hanh is author of the national bestseller Peace Is Every Step, and the new book The Art of Power, which are both available for purchase at AsiaStore.

Author Interview: Min Jin Leeof “Free Food For Millionaires”

“Free Food for Millionaires” offers up a fresh exploration of the complex layers we inhabit both in society and within ourselves. Inspired by 19th century novels such as Vanity Fair and Middlemarch, author Min Jin Lee examines maintaining one’s identity within the changing communities around us. The author talks to Helen Koh, Associate Director of Cultural Programs at Asia Society here, about writing and being Asian American.
Visit to purchase her book “Free Food for Millionaires.”