Charlene Wang for Tranquil Tuesdays

Chinese American

“Luxury goods are very much ingrained in the history of ancient China…home to the best quality silk, porcelain, and tea.”

Tranquil Tuesdays is a Beijing-based social enterprise dedicated to showcasing China’s finest teas and tea ware. Founder Charlene Wang serves the pure flavor of tea with a side of social consciousness, inviting new audiences to experience China’s authentic tea culture. Artisanal teas are hand-harvested by small family owned tea farms in rural China. Partnerships with young artists in Jingdezheng, China’s pottery capital, yield exquisite, handcrafted tea ware, enhancing the modern tea experience with a touch of tradition.

Virtual TeaTime: Maojian Green Tea, White Peony Tea, Phoenix Honey Oolong Tea, Qimen Black Tea