Veronica’s Shop

Buying trip 256Recently highlighted as a top pick by Lonely Planet, Black Elephant Lacquer shop is now an official shopping destination in Bagan.  While the bulk of Veronica’s work travels to select galleries and boutiques (AsiaStore will be the recipient of her latest work this spring!) she features her experiments and discontinued patterns at this small retail outlet. One thing I have to mention is that having browsing through several Bagan retail outlets, I found the lacquer pricing in Bagan quite high…much higher than the Lacquer in Yangon. I guess everything has gone up in price, my horse cart driver who charged $1 a day 12 years ago is now charging $15 a day…good grief!! So if you are looking to pick up some well priced lacquerware in Myanmar, you may want to consider make your purchases in Yangon.That said, if you are after Veronica’s exquisite lacquer, you will find nothing like it outside of Bagan…with the exception of AsiaStore this spring!