Jewelmer’s miracle Golden Pearl!

M20150807_093050_resizedy first stop today is at Jewelmer to meet with Franck, Tricie and Jacques Branallec to discuss the miracle that is the Golden Pearl. Jacques’s father I learn, was a pioneer, in successfully cultivated pearls with a rich, natural golden color. Through decades of research and biotechnology, Jewelmer has perfected the breeding process that produces gold-lipped Pinctada20150807_104955_resized maxima pearl oysters capable of growing large, lustrous, golden pearls, now regarding as a national treasure of the Philippines.

As I gaze through the cases o0hing and ahhing over the beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets, I’m shown a priceless treasure…a matched strand of 16-18mm golden pearls. Jewelmer produces close to 1/2 million pearls a year and it took 30 years to match this strand. Simply magnificent! And as a special treat, I’m told that if one purchases a Jewelmer design for $200k or more, they are treated to a complimentary trip to the breathtaking Jewelmer Pearl Farms in Pawalan! So if a trip to the Philippine Islands is on your wish list, stop by AsiaStore this Sept for your first look at Jewelmer Golden Pearl collection!