2019 Fold-a-Day Calendar Paper Airplane Origami



Take a daily break to create an enviable aeronautic fleet with the Paper Airplane Fold-A-Day 2019 Calendar. Origami designer David Mitchell and paper-airplane expert Kyong Lee combine forces to present 300-plus designs from 40 original models based on real-life military planes—such as fighter jets, MiGs, and drones—as well as creative aircraft designs for a year’s worth of flying fun!

Don’t throw away yesterday’s calendar page! Instead, flip it over for airplane artwork, then fold it using the step-by-step instructions on today’s calendar page.
Large size paper (7¾” x 6″) produces folded airplanes large enough to really fly.
Paper size is proportionate to standard 8½” x 11″, so you can fold these planes using paper around the home, too.
Unique, fold-around-box turns into the calendar stand.

by Kyong Lee, David Mitchell
Dimensions: 8 x 6.6
Pages: 640

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