2019 Wall Calendar Serenity Kazuyuki Ohtsu



The sweet curvature of branch and blossom balances the strong lift of mountain and bamboo in the landscapes of Kazuyuki Ohtsu (Japanese, b. 1935). His woodblock prints are poetic contemplations, drawing us into tranquil, harmonious scenes of the Japanese countryside. The colors he uses are elemental, deep, and true—expressive without drama.

Ohtsu belongs to a generation that renounced the division of labor found in most print studios, preferring instead to master each step in the demanding process. After a long apprenticeship to the renowned master woodblock artist Kiyoshi Saito, Ohtsu struck out on his own, painting his original sketches, carving the woodblocks, and making the prints. Ohtsu’s unique compositions have been exhibited and collected worldwide. More than fifty of his exquisite prints can be found in Kazuyuki Ohtsu (Pomegranate, 2016).

Twelve monthly grids and full-color artwork
Size: 12 x 13 in
Opens to 12 x 26 in

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