Burmese Design and Architecture



It is the first book to showcase the amazing diversity of architecture, design and art found in Burma (Myanmar). Ranging for the monumental pagodas of Pagan (Bagan) to the architectural heritage of Rangoon (Yangon), religious as well as contemporary secular buildings are presented in rich detail. A series of authoritative essays by archaeological experts highlight the major influences sand styles found throughout the country, while chapters on Myanmar’s rich art and craft traditions provide a wealth of information on Buddha images, lacquererware, painting, ceramics, woodcarving, bronzes, textiles, costumes and much more. Author: John Falconer, Elizabeth Moore, Luca Invernizzi Tettoni & Alfred Birnbaum (Pub: Periplus Editions (HK), March 2007, Pbk, 224 pp,  10.12 x 10.94 in )

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