The Fire Beneath: Tales of Gold

by Almira Gilles



Winner of the Philippine Presidential Award 2012 for Literature

Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery, receiving an inheritance that will forever change your life, finding a treasure hidden in your attic that is valued beyond your wildest dreams?
…..Well, it happened to Gardo Araw, a hard-working and humble bulldozer operator in rural Philippines. Like a dream, he unearths treasures that for hundreds of years have not seen the light of day- surely to bewilder and dazzle all who would lay eyes on them.

How will he and his family adapt to this life-altering event? In these tales of gold, Almira Astudillo Gilles entraps you in the lives of the Araw family as you go through their personal histories, their joys, their trials and dilemmas, and leaving you wondering- what would you do? Author: Almira A. Gilles (PAWA, Inc, 2012, Pbk, 408 pp)

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About the Author


Almira Gilles

Almira Astudillo Gilles was born and raised in the Philippines. A research associate in anthropology at the Field Museum Chicago and the National Museum Philippines, she holds a PhD in Social Science, an MA in Comparative Political Systems, and an MA in Labor Relations. She has published in many genres and received the Philippine Presidential Award for her writing in 2012. Her first, novel, The Fire Beneath: Tales of Gold (Carayan Press, San Francisco: 2012) was inspired by the discovery of the largest collection of gold artifacts in the Philippines and was a finalist for the Chicago Book of the Year Award.   In addition to writing, she handles operations for a silkworm startup in the Philippines. Current projects include “Art and Anthropology: Portrait of the Object as Filipino” and a science book for young readers, Hotspot, Cool Country: Biodiversity in the Philippines, to be published by the National Museum Philippines.

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