Wildlife Wonders of China



A Pictorial Journey through the Lens of Conservationist Xi Zhinong

China is a country rich in bio-diversity that boasts gorgeous natural landscapes and wildlife, many unique to its land. Award winning nature photographer Xi Zhinong spent 30 years taking photos along rivers and across mountains, capturing the animals and natural wonders of China. Through his lens, a Yunnan snub-nosed monkey can be seen jumping between trees with her baby in her arms; thousands of Tibetan antelopes migrate in the wind and snow; and a takin, or gnu goat, couple is caught sharing a kiss atop a mountain ridge.

Wildlife Wonders of China will lead you to the vast territory of China through photos, from the roof of the world—the Tibetan Plateau—to dry western China and the moist eastern lands influenced by monsoons. Gain insight into the changing environment in China, and be enchanted by the unique and beautiful animals living there.  (Tuttle Pub/Shanghai Pr, Mar 26 2013, HC, 192 pp, 250 color illustrated throughout, 11.25 x 8.25 in)
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