Life and Death are Wearing Me Out

by Mo Yan



Today’s most revered, feared, and controversial Chinese novelist offers a tour de force in which the real, the absurd, the comical, and the tragic are blended into a fascinating read. The hero—or antihero—of Mo Yan’s new novel is Ximen Nao, a landowner known for his benevolence to his peasants. His story is a deliriously unique journey and absolutely riveting tale that reveals the author’s love of a homeland beset by ills inevitable, political, and traditional. Author: Mo Yan. Translator: Howard Goldblatt (Arcade Pub, Apr 18 2011, Pbk, 560pp)

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About the Author


Mo Yan


Born in 1955, MO YAN is a native of Shandong. He has written ten novels, including Red Sorghum, which was made into a feature film, a number of novellas, and many short stories. Mo Yan is the winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature and the 2009 Newman Prize for Chinese Literature. He has won virtually every Chinese literary prize including China’s Annual Writer’s Prize and is the most critically acclaimed Chinese writer of his generation, in both China and around the world. He lives in Beijing,China.

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