A Tokyo Romance a memoir

by Ian Buruma



A Tokyo Romance is a portrait of a young artist and the fantastical city that shaped him. With his signature acuity, Ian Buruma brilliantly captures the historical tensions between east and west, the cultural excitement of 1970s Tokyo, and the dilemma of the gaijin in Japanese society, free, yet always on the outside. The result is a timeless story about the desire to transgress boundaries: cultural, artistic, and sexual. (Penguin, Mar 6 2018, HC, 256 pp)

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About the Author


Ian Buruma


Ian Buruma was educated in Holland and Japan. He is a journalist, writer, and academic. He has spent many years in Asia, which he has written about in God’s Dust, A Japanese Mirror,  Behind the Mask, Inventing Japan and his novel, The China Lover. He has also written Playing the Game, The Wages of Guilt, Anglomania, Taming the Gods: Religion and Democracy on Three Continents,  Year Zero: A History of 1945 and his latest book is The Theater of Cruelty: Art, Film, and the Shadows of War.  He was voted as one of the Top 100 Public Intellectuals by the Foreign Policy/Prospect magazines in 2008, and in 2010.

Buruma is the Paul W. Williams Professor of Human Rights and Journalism at Bard College. He writes about politics and culture for a variety of major publications.

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