Animal Kingdom: Vertebrates

by Diana F. Chan



This picture book features over 150 beautifully colored images of mammals, including land mammals,marsupials, egg laying mammals, marine mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles. There is a segment on Dinosaurs as they highlight the theme of animals with backbones, clearly visible in the fossils of these extinct giants. Children will love the fun facts and understand distinctive characteristics and habitats of animals in each class.

This book introduces endangered animals and their need for protection and fosters environmentally conscious attitudes in children who may become defenders of wildlife and our natural resources. (Publisher Diana Chan, 2015, HC, 44 pp)

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About the Author


Diana F. Chan

Chinese  American

Diana Chan was born in Shanghai, China and grew up in Hong Kong and Brazil. She is an author and educator with a passion for animals, wildlife, and adventure traveling. She has recently published Animal Kingdom: Vertebrates/ Animals with Backbones. A book for children, parents and educators. Aside from her love of wildlife, she also enjoys cooking and baking. Her interest in pursuing a healthy living style prompted her to release her first book Easy n’ Healthy Cooking. A cookbook featuring a new genre of Chinese cuisine incorporating traditional methods with healthy substitutes.

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