Balinese Art: Paintings and Drawings of Bali, 1800 – 2010



Starting with a discussion of the island’s aesthetic traditions and how Balinese art should be viewed and understood, this book goes on to present pre-colonial painting traditions, some of which are still practiced in the village of Kamasan—the home of “classical” Balinese art. However, the main focus is the development of new styles starting in the 1930s and how these gradually evolved in response to the tourist industry that has come to dominate the island. Balinese Art acquaints readers with the masterpieces and master artists of Bali, and the final chapter presents the most important artists who are active today and serves as an introduction to their work. Author: Adrian Vickers (Tuttle Pub, 2012, HC, 256 pp, 203 color illus.  9 x 12 inch)

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