Brand New Art From China



“Brand New Art from China is frank, honest, and full of passion… “
– Ai Wei Wei

A unique and visionary generation of young Chinese artists is coming to prominence in the art world – just as China cements its place as the second largest art market on the planet. Building on the new frontiers opened up by the Chinese artists of the late 1980s and 1990s, artists such as Ai Wei Wei who came to the West and became household names, this new generation are provocative, exciting and bold. But what does it mean to be a Chinese artist today? And how can we better understand their work?

Here, renowned critic Barbara Pollack presents the first book to tell the story of how these Chinese millennials, fast becoming global art superstars, negotiate their cultural heritage, and what this means for China’s impact on the future of global culture. Many young Chinese artists have declared they are “not Chinese, but global” – this book investigates just what that means for China, the art market, and the world. (I.B. Tauris/B&T, Sept 4, 2018, Pbk, 192 pp)

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