Chinese Glazes: Their Origins, Chemistry, and Recreation



Chinese glazes have been admired throughout history for their extraordinary qualities and colors–not least in China itself, where their appearance has been compared variously to jade, to tea-dust, to hare’s fur, or to the “color of the sky after the rain.” Some Chinese glazes are vibrant and brilliant in tone, while others are deep, complex, and subtle, their properties seeming to change according to ambient light. Chinese glazes have long presented a technical challenge to Western potters, and this book is the most complete account yet of their nature and their reconstruction. The story of Chinese glazes is also the story of Chinese ceramics itself, one of the most fascinating and influential traditions in ceramic history… The book shows clearly how potters of ancient China were able to work their ceramic miracles from the simplest recipes, and how modern potters can use and adapt these principles for their own work. The book contains 100’s of recipes for formulating Chinese glazes with Western materials, simple and advanced calculation techniques, as well as efficient blending procedures with local materials. Author: Nigel Wood (U of Penn Pr, 1999, HC, 272 pp, 8.5 x 11 in, 100 color & 180 b/w illus.)

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