Scarf Telaviv Modal Cashmere

by Azin Valy for Cityzen



Size: 30″ x 80″
Color: Hues of teal and green
Material: 90% modal/10% cashmere with eyelash fringe ends and hand rolled side edges

Description: Digital print of the aerial view of Tel-Aviv.
With the Tel-Aviv scarf, one can immerse themselves in the sights, smells, and urban feeling that characterizes the artistic center that Tel-Aviv is today.

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About the Designer

Azin Valy

Azin Valy for Cityzen

Iranian American

“So much fighting in the world.. but when you look at it all from a distance, you realize we are all so similar.”

Iranian American Azin Valy merges fashion with social entrepreneurship through Cityzen by Azin, a luxury brand with a global consciousness. Inspired by stunning views of cities from above, customized satellite maps are incorporated onto the finest fabrics to create beautifully crafted apparel and accessories, allowing form to follow topography. Consumers are invited to become silent ambassadors of dialogue through fashion, transcending physical and mental borders.

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