Designing a Life: A Cross-Cultural Journey

by Kai-Yin Lo



Designing a Life tells the inspiring story of Kai-Yin Lo, a determined woman born to a wealthy Hong Kong family who had to build her own future following an abrupt change in the family’s fortunes. After a first job at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, she made her way to Time Inc. in New York to establish a new life. Encouraged by her first collection being accepted by Cartier New York, she employed talent, innovation and determination to become a designer of international renown, respected as an ambassador for cross-cultural exchange in art, design and thought. (Blacksmith Books, February 7, 2020, Pbk, 280 pp, Illus:  approx. 80 images, including 16-page color photo section)

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About the Designer

Kai-Yin Lo

Kai-Yin Lo


“To be truly eternal design must be both global and local and both broad and focused. It must also reinvigorate the traditional into the contemporary and then reinterpret it for future generations.”

A designer of style and innovation, Kai-Yin Lo takes the iconic forms of Chinese antiquity and reinvents them in contemporary jewelry that reflects ideas of Chinese culture past and present. Hailed as “one of Asia’s first distinctive international brands,” Kai-Yin Lo is credited with bridging the divide between precious and fashion jewelry, elevating semi-precious stones into the mainstay of jewelry design. Known for her philosophy of balance through imbalance, her pieces conform to the Daoist principle of Ying and Yang, light and shade, fullness and void.

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