Easy and Healthy Cooking

by Diana F. Chan



This cookbook has simple recipes that can be made in 30 minutes and gourmet recipes that appeal to the epicurean palate and could turn a novice into an instant gourmet cook. In her book, Ms. Chan talks about variations on a theme: once the reader-cook learns one of  the basic recipes, many new dishes can be made using the same method. Highlights of the book are: Over 150 enticing Chinese; Fusion and Western recipes, Basic Chinese Cooking Techniques; Easy and quick recipes that take 30 minutes or less; Gourmet and Vegetarian delights and new ideas for diet-conscious cooks; Healthy dishes using abundant vegetables, very little oil and no deep-frying; Dazzling appetizers, entrees and desserts for elegant home entertaining; Cooking with emphasis on Taste, Health, and Ease.  With a forward by Lawrence Chu, celebrity chef and owner of Chef Chu’s restaurant. (Publisher Diana Chan, Pbk, 171 pp)

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About the Author


Diana F. Chan

Chinese  American

Diana Chan was born in Shanghai, China and grew up in Hong Kong and Brazil. She is an author and educator with a passion for animals, wildlife, and adventure traveling. She has recently published Animal Kingdom: Vertebrates/ Animals with Backbones. A book for children, parents and educators. Aside from her love of wildlife, she also enjoys cooking and baking. Her interest in pursuing a healthy living style prompted her to release her first book Easy n’ Healthy Cooking. A cookbook featuring a new genre of Chinese cuisine incorporating traditional methods with healthy substitutes.

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