EMERALD CITIES: Arts of Siam and Burma, 1775 – 1950



Emerald Cities is a lavishly illustrated catalog of artworks from Thailand and Burma, and provides an introduction to one of Asia’s richest and least known artistic traditions. Focusing primarily on decorative and religious objects from the nineteenth century, Emerald Cities brings to light the lively, yet often strained, interchange between the regions of central and northern Thailand (Siam) and Burma.

While representing the latest art historical scholarship, Emerald Cities is also an accessible entry into the world of Thailand and Burma, and highlights such luxuriant and spectacular artworks as gilded and mirrored ritual vessels, black lacquer and mother-of-pearl inlaid furniture, and vibrant, colorful paintings. These objects convey an exotic and exuberant ambiance which transports the reader to a lost time and place, one unlike any other. Author: Forrest McGill, M.L. Pattaratorn Chirapravati (Tuttle/Asian Art Museum, 2009, HC, 224 pp, approx. 160 color illus, 12 x 9 in)

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