Farm to Table: Asian Secrets

by Patricia Tanumihardja



In this delightful Asian cookbook, you’ll learn the secrets of vegetarian and vegan Asian cooking—how to blend flavors, textures, aromas and colors—to create full-flavored vegetarian dishes that are missing none of the umami normally associated only with meat and dairy.

A home cook at heart, Pat’s recipes are very straightforward without lots of exotic ingredients or specialized tools. They are also easy and quick to prepare. She shows you how adding a few Asian fermented and pickled vegan products like miso or pickled greens will add a new universe of flavors to your cooking. The same is true for flavor-enhancers like fried shallots, crispy fried garlic and the flavored oils that Asian chefs and restaurants use on a regular basis. Author: Patricia Tanumihardja (Tuttle, Mar 28 2017, Pbk, 144 pp. 94 recipes, illustrations and over 350 color photos throughout)

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About the Author


Patricia Tanumihardja


Patricia Tanumihardja is an experienced food writer who specializes in profiling chefs and artisanal food producers. She was born in Indonesia and lived in Singapore before moving to the U.S. Growing up in several different food cultures, she learned to appreciate a wide variety of foods and flavors, and learned to cook as soon as she could tell the difference between garlic and ginger. As a writer, she sees the world through a multicultural lens and enjoys covering topics relating to food history and food culture. She contributes to Edible Seattle, Seattle, Sunset, and Saveur among other publications. Her debut cookbook was The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook: Home Cooking from Asian American Kitchens. Pat writes the “Pickles and Tea” food blog in collaboration with the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center which showcases contemporary Asian food culture in America. (smithsonianapa.org/picklesandtea).

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