Happy New Year Beaming with Cheer (CD)

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Now you can commemorate the New Year and other Chinese holidays with authentic music! Enjoy this collection of Chinese music played by traditional instruments and songs performed by choir while you celebrate special occasions throughout the year, and you’ll be bringing a bit more Chinese tradition to your festivities.

Spring Festival Overture (Instrument), Spring is Here , New Year’s Greetings, Wish You a Happy New Year , Welcoming New Year with Fortune, Pay New Year Calls,
Happy New Year, Congratulations for the New Year, Feng Yang Drum Dance, Four Seasons, Congratulations, Courtesy Call in New Year, Winter Jasmine, Blossoms Throughout the Year, Welcoming New Year with Fortune (Instrument),Feng Yang Drum Dance (Instrument),Pay New Year Calls (Instrument),Beaming with Cheer (Instrument)

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