How to Read Contemporary Art



- Experiencing the art of the 21st Century.
The ever-changing, often-confusing world of 21st-century art, explored in an ambitious and striking new survey by a leading art writer.
Today’s artist create work that’s challenging, complicated, and often perplexing, and this book offers a guide to understanding-and enjoying-the wide range of works on display in museums and galleries worldwide. Organized alphabetically, the book includes more than two hundred works of art made in the last twenty years by living artists from all over the globe, encompassing photography, installation, sculpture, painting, video art, performance, and more. Author Michael Wilson explores the impact of a broad selection of the most prominent artists at work around the world today. Author/Editor: Michael Wilson (Abrams Bks, 2013, Pbk, 464 pp, color illus. throughout)

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