Tea Jasmine Pearls 15 Count

by Veerinder Chawla for Tao of Tea


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The green tea used in to make our Jasmine Pearls is handcrafted at a second generation family tea farm in Hunan, China. Newly sprouted tea leaves are plucked, then naturally infused with jasmine fragrance and hand rolled into pearls.  

Ingredients: Organic Jasmine Green Tea

• Certified Organic by: Quality Assurance International (QAI)
• Biodegradeable pyramid sachet bags
• 15 count

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About the Designer

Tao of Tea

Veerinder Chawla for Tao of Tea

Indian American

Veerinder Chawla started The Tao of Tea with a love for the leaf. While travelling in the Himalayan Mountains of India he dreamed about the possibilities that tea offered. For Veerinder, it started a journey into the essence that tea exudes and the cultures it connects. The dream evolved into a business.  Over the years, He has been joined with people that share a similar love and philosophy about tea. Their commonality is based on recognizing the purity in the leaf, the surroundings it grows in and the people who nurture it. The Tao of Tea focuses on collaborating closely with several tea growers and farmers in various countries, including India, China, Taiwan, Japan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. 

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