Life is Good: A Tale of Two Elephants

by Yvette Fernandez



Once there were two sisters who lived in a little boy’s playroom. One was a stuffed elephant, and the other was made of glass. They were very different, but they loved each other very much.

This is a story about their lives. It’s about love and loss. It’s about moving forward, and being happy again. Because life is good.  Authors: Yvette Fernandez and  Jackie Fernandez Suntay. Illustrator: Isabel Roxas  (Anvil Publishing, June 30, 2018, Pbk, 38 pp.  IMPORT)

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About the Author


Yvette Fernandez

Yvette Fernandez is the editor of Town & Country Philippines and the author of over a dozen books. Yvette’s latest book, Life Is Good, was written with her sister Jackie Fernandez Suntay.

Jackie was a doctor who had just finished her fellowship at a Harvard Medical School hospital when she was diagnosed with cancer. She and her husband, Bobbit Suntay, founded the Carewell Community Foundation, a nonprofit foundation that provides information and support to people living with cancer. All authors’ proceeds from Life Is Good, will go to Carewell.

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