Lucky Iron Fish



Iron is the nutrient that helps blood move oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body and it helps muscles store & use oxygen.
How it works:
BOIL:  1L (4 cups) of liquid (water, broth, soup, curry, etc.) to a rolling boil.
ADD:  2-3 drops of citrus (or any acidic ingredient such as vinegar, tomatoes, etc.) and add the Lucky Iron Fish.
WAIT:  Let boil for 10 mins.
REMOVE: Wash & thoroughly dry the Lucky Iron Fish before rubbing the Protection Oil.
PRIOR TO EACH USE:  Please wash your Lucky Iron Fish with water + soap.
AFTER EACH USE: Wash with water + soap. Use a sponge if needed. Once clean, thoroughly dry the Fish so no moisture is left behind. Apply few drops of Lucky Iron Fish Protection Oil to help prolong the life of your Fish.

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