Mindfulness for Busy People

by Patricia A. Bloom MD



Mindfulness is simply a way of paying attention, of focusing our minds on the present moment. When we practice doing this, we take a break from the constant busyness of ourusual mental activities, and open the door to stillness and tranquility. By using this CD for just short periods of time to take care of ourselves, we can alleviate the effects of chronic stress on our bodies and minds, and cultivate a state of improved health and a better quality of life .  Instructor: Patricia Bloom MD

Introduction (1:33), Sitting Mediation (9.50), Body Scan (10:33), Yoga (10:30) Chair Yoga (11:58), Walking Mediation (10:40), Mindfulness of Daily Activities (2:31) minutes

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About the Author


Patricia A. Bloom MD


Patricia Bloom MD is a physician, Registered Yoga Teacher, teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and the Director of Integrative Health for the Martha Stewart Center for Living at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, NYC.

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