Monkey Business Vol 7 (2017)

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In this Issue –  • Today’s miracles and oracles by Hideo Furukawa • On writing short stories, an interview with Haruki Murakami • The final installment of Forbidden Diary by Sachiko Kishimoto • A graphic narrative about an absent-minded professor by Satoshi Kitamura • The story of an encounter with the bodhisattva Jizo by Hiromi Ito • The music of popping and cracking joints by Yoko Ogawa • A classic story of yearning from 1909 by Kafu Nagai
• A report on a visit to Carlyle’s house by Soseki Natsume • A companion piece to Mess, a hoarder’s memoir by Barry Yourgrau • The last of the people from my neighborhood by Hiromi Kawakami • A story about living with a bunny by Helen Guri • A new translation of a classic mystery by Rampo Eeogawa • New Stories by Keving Brockmeier, Andrew Cowan, Toh Enjoe, Brian Evenson, Keita Jin, Mieko Kawakami, Shin’Ichi Makino, Taki Monma, Aoko Matsuda, Hiroko Oyamada, Makoto Takayanagi and Tomoka Shibasaki. Editors: Ted Goossen, Motoyuki Shibata, Pub: A Public Space, 2017, Pbk, 235 pp)

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