Necklace Sirena Aluminum

by Manreet Deol



Daydream about an inspiring swim through the lush gardens of sea foliage and rainbow fish with this necklace cast in soft, shimmery, Aluminum.

Polished Aluminum. Black, cotton cord.

Weight: .45 lbs

In stock

About the Designer

Manreet Deol headshot

Manreet Deol


“mementos that infuse inspiration and rekindle forgotten dreams”

Siblings Manreet and Samaart Deol are dedicated to making ‘everyday wearable art’. Gorgeous handmade ornaments inspired by gnarled corals, sensuous vines, bold rock sculptures, urban art, and opera- all influence a distinctive visual vocabulary that is familiar yet unexpected. The indelible touch of a sculptor and metal-smith add an additional layer of intrigue that makes the jewelry unique; creating timeless pieces that are thoughtfully handcrafted and have a soul that transcends style and cultural boundaries.

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