Pakistan’s Drift Into Extremism

by Hassan Abbas



This book examines the rise of religious extremism in Pakistan, particularly since 1947, and analyzes its connections to the Pakistani army’s corporate interests and U.S.-Pakistan relations. It includes profiles of leading Pakistani militant groups with details of their origins, development, and capabilities. The author begins with an historical overview of the introduction of Islam to the Indian sub-continent in 712 AD, and brings the story up to the present by describing President Musharraf’s handling of the war on terror. He provides a detailed account of the political developments in Pakistan since 1947 with a focus on the influence of religious and military forces. He also discusses regional politics, Pakistan’s attempt to gain nuclear power status, and U.S.-Pakistan relations, and offers predictions for Pakistan’s domestic and regional prospects. (M.E. Sharpe, 2005, Pbk, 320 pp)

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About the Author


Hassan Abbas


Dr. Hassan Abbas was a 2010 Bernard Schwartz Fellow, focused on relations between the U.S. and South Asia, especially in the context of political dynamics in Pakistan and Afghanistan. His research and writings also look at India-Pakistan relations and the potential U.S. role in facilitating peaceful and friendly relations between the two South Asian rivals.  >> more info on Dr. Abbas

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